Flip Flop Flower Target

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The ultimate stealth garden airgun target! Hit the Killzone in the flower and the flower faceplate falls back, hit the Killzone in the flowerpot to reset the flower. Just as satisfying as a regular knockover target, but no strings to trip over.

These might look like just a bit of fun, but if you want to put in some serious HFT / FT practice in your garden without making the place look like a shooting range, these are the very thing for you. The killzones are laser cut to the exact sizes for HFT practice – 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, and 35mm and they’re the same size in the flower and the pot.

An HFT / FT practice target you can leave in your garden without making the place look like a shooting range and having strings all over the place for you to trip over or get tangled up in.

Supplied fully assembled, painted, and ready to shoot.

These are designed for full power UK legal air rifles ( 11+ ft.lb ) – they may not reset reliably if used with a pistol or low power air rifle.

International Orders

Sorry, but at the moment I can only send these to addresses on the UK Mainland.


Additional information

Killzone Size

15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm

8 reviews for Flip Flop Flower Target

  1. hamza

    They’re great!! Most knock down targets that are shoot to reset don’t have the faceplate fall down like the pull up targets we use in HFT/FT do. Brian’s ones however do.

    Review from Shooting-the-breeze

  2. realtree al

    Would recommend these to anyone looking if Brian makes more well made sturdy and work a treat they come painted to a bonus. Thanks Brian

    Review from Shooting-the-breeze

  3. markyboy

    I bought a set of these and they work a treat. Well worth the money.


    Review from Shooting-the-breeze

  4. kt83

    They’re superb, a completely new take on the reset target.

    Review from Shooting-the-breeze

  5. C. Eaton

    Received my 20mm one today and it’s superb, perfect for a garden setup where you don’t want strings laying around.
    Really thick metal construction, I reckon this could take a good hammering.

    Thanks Brian, you have designed a great little target for the garden there, even my wife approves which is praise indeed.

    Review from Shooting-the-breeze


  6. Plinker20

    I absolutely love this target. Now my garden doesn’t look like a waste timber yard (and I’ve got 1 flower in it!). Awesome. More, please!

    Review from Shooting-the-breeze

  7. Swifty (verified owner)

    Brilliant target idea, these are very well made hence these will last many a year.

  8. Adam R

    I got this for Christmas and although not yet used due to lockdown, it is very well made and will provide lots of fun.

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