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Adjustable butt pad for HFT (fully UKAHFT legal).  The pad can be adjusted up/down and can be angled into you to give a consistent shoulder position.

If you want to hit the target, a good stock fit is vital – whether you’re a hunter or a competition shooter, consistency is the key to accuracy.

The generic carrier plate will fit on most rifles and is particularly well suited as a replacement for a standard rubber butt pad, it can be fitted either way up so it doesn’t matter if you’re left handed or right handed.

I do make custom plates for some of the more popular rifles to make the pad even easier to fit.
Please see the guide to choosing a carrier plate before ordering if you aren’t sure which plate you need.

Carrier plate options

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When I was approached and asked if I could design a functional, cheap alternative butt pad for HFT and Hunting by former HFT World Champion Kieran Turner I wasn’t sure I would be able to manage it.   The design and testing phase took several months of hard work and I went back to the drawing board no fewer than 10 times before I had a design I was happy with.  So far everyone who has fitted one has been very impressed, I hope you will be too.


  • Designed, tested and manufactured by shooters for shooters
  • Polymer construction, 3D printed
  • Height adjustable
  • Adjustable angle to 20 degrees to allow the pad to be angled into your body
  • Lightweight (it weighs little more than 100g)
  • Only 25mm wide to allow the pad to fit into the crease of your shoulder
  • Shallow profile so that is doesn’t alter your rifle’s length of pull
  • Fully UKAHFT legal paddle lengths (the limit for UKAHFT is 2.25″)
  • Available in a variety of different colours to match the colour scheme of your rifle
  • Carrier plates available to fit most rifles
  • Inexpensive

Common Questions

In all, they take around 6 hours each to make, so I'm limited to producing around 4 a day at the moment.

I'll try to keep a stock level of the most popular colours and carrier plates to cut down on how long you'll need to wait for your order to be dispatched.

If you just want a standard black pad with a generic carrier plate, I'll normally be able to dispatch your order on the same day.

I get this comment quite a lot surprisingly! and sometimes people will tell me that they'd quite happily pay £50 for one. (If you really want to pay £50 for one, I'm happy to take a donation)

One of the core principles of this design is to make it affordable to everyone! This isn't a money making enterprise - the idea is to be able to design and manufacture bespoke products for normal air gun shooters and make enough profit to help fund future projects and improvements.

You can certainly buy much more expensive target shooting pads - in fact it's not uncommon to pay 5 or even 10 times as much for a rival butt pad. The BSB pad doesn't claim to be the best butt pad on the market, nor does it claim to be the most feature packed or adjustable pad. But I think you'd be very hard pushed to say it's not the best value for money butt pad you can buy. (probably)

They're made of quite a tough UV Stable polymer material that should easily stand up to normal everyday use.

The polymer will soften in high temperatures - above around 70-90 degrees C.

The paddles are held in place with friction, so if you apply force to them, eventually you're going to apply enough force to overcome that friction.

However, the paddle design incorporates a couple of neat tricks to help increase the friction force needed to move them, and those little tricks are hidden from view inside the body of the butt pad.

Extra friction features of the BSB Paddle

Firstly, the paddles have a donut shaped protrusion on one of the faces which locks into a slightly undersized donut shaped indent on the central body of the pad. When you tighten up the M5 bolt, the donut adds a lot of extra friction between the two faces.

Secondly, the paddles also have a small extrusion coming out from the hinged section of the paddle. This locates into channel inside the body of the pad (hidden from view) which is again, slightly undersized so that when you tighten the bolts of the centre section, it applies an additional clamping force to the extrusion on the paddle.

We've done some testing on this system and it seems to hold up extremely well - around 40kg of force is needed to move the paddles when they're torqued up to around 6Nm

The great thing about the extra friction features is that if you should accidental move the paddles, they won't become 'flappy', they'll just stay in the new position until you apply enough force to move them back again. Not that I'm recommending you do that, but the last thing you want in a competition is a floppy paddle.

You can have any colour you want, I just happen to think they look good with a black carrier plate personally.

If you want something a bit different though, just drop me a line on the Contact Brian page to arrange it.

Bear in mind though, that I only tend to keep black carrier plates ready made in stock, so if you want a different colour, I'll almost certainly have to make it to order and if you need it yesterday you might be out of luck. I'll do my best though.

I'll be expanding the range of custom carrier plates I make whenever I get the chance to.

If your rifle isn't listed as an option, drop me a line on the Contact Brian page and if it's something a lot of people are asking for (and it's not impossible!) then maybe I can develop something for you.

Please see the Carrier Plate Page for more details of the plates I currently make.

These pads have been outstandingly popular so far. Based on the number of pads I've made for HFT shooters, I would be surprised if you managed to attend an HFT competition and didn't see at least one of them being used by someone.

I'm sure if you approach someone using one of my pads and ask if you could look at their butt, they'll be happy to show you.

Alternatively, if wandering up to strangers and asking to see their butt isn't your cup of tea, you could always pop into my Indoor Range in Doncaster (DN1 2ST) where you can try out a pad for yourself.

Actually, I designed them originally so that the curved paddle went to the bottom, but a lot of shooters have found that they prefer the pad to be fitted the other way up.

It doesn't really matter what way up you fit it, whichever feels most comfortable for you really.

Of course, although I probably will never get around to making a spares section on this webshop.

If you want any spares, a different carrier plate etc etc.. just drop me a line on the Contact Brian page.

3D printing has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years, so a lot of negative reports you might read on the internet may be based on outdated polymers.

I've heard 3D printed parts are biodegradable

Yup, you've heard right, they are! but I think this is often reported as a way to run down 3D printing as a manufacturing process. The word 'Biodegradable' conjures up an image of opening your gun case one day to find your butt pad has disappeared into thin air. That's not what it means though, the polymers used to make the BSB Pad will Biodegrade (so they aren't harmful to the environment) but it would take many years to happen if you buried the BSB Pad in a landfill site. They degrade because bacteria and insects like to eat it, they don't just disappear of their own accord if left in a cupboard.

When you stop and think about it, you're usually fitting a BSB Pad to a wooden stock - and wood itself is also biodegradable, actually it's probably slightly more biodegradable than the material the BSB Pad is made from.

Put it this way, if you're thinking of burying your stock with a BSB Pad in a landfill site for a few years, when you dig it up again the BSB Pad will be in a lot better condition than the rest of your stock.

Additional information

Weight106 g
Dimensions120 × 25 × 30 mm

Black, Brown, Silver, Gold, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Mint Torquoise, Pink

Carrier Plate

Generic, Rounded Generic, AA HFT500, AA Ultimate Sporter, AA S400/S410 Standard Stock, AA S510 Superlite, AA TX200, AA Prosport, Anschutz 9015, Benjamin Marauder Gen2, BSA Goldstar, BSA R10, BSA Ultra CLX, BSA Ultra SE, Cometa Orion BP, FWB300, HW100T, HW100S, HW30, HW57, HW99, HW97K Synthetic, HW97K Blue Laminate, HW97K Green Laminate, SMK Artemis P15, Steyr LG100/110, Steyr Hunter, Taipan Veteran, Taipan Veteran Compact, Walther LGU, Walther RM8 Beech

Right / Left Handed

Right Handed, Left Handed

Carrier plates

If you aren’t sure which carrier plate to choose, please see the BSB Carrier Plate options page or download the Carrier Plate 1:1 scale drawings.

Generic carrier plate
Generic carrier plate
Rounded generic carrier plate
Rounded generic carrier plate
HFT500 carrier plate
HFT500 carrier plate
HW100 carrier plate
HW100 carrier plate
Steyr LG110 carrier plate
Steyr LG110 carrier plate

Carrier plate options

Review by Simon Howarth - 2016 HFT World Champion

The mechanicals have already been covered so i wont go over that again except to say i certainly think it surpasses what i thought would be possible!

First impressions;

I fitted it onto my Tilly stocked BSA, the plate shape looked right on the rifle and I like the offset so that it allows more angle one way than the other, done to maintain strength i presume, allowing more movement both ways would require a thinner section.

The back plate symmetry allows it to be fitted either way round for left or right handed bias on the degree of angle of adjustment.
The 4 screw holes where perfectly sized for dry wall screws, these are brilliant screws, tough, strong, grip really well in the wood and resist screw driver damage very well so I was well happy I could use those.

The whole assembly is a little longer than the Anschutz one I am used too which for HFT is great. The rules state only the tip of the bottom paddle or rubber butt pad can touch the ground and not the wood/metal/plastic etc of the stock. actual wording is “When taking a prone shot the only part of the rifle which may be touching the ground is the bottom edge of the butt pad, no other device, stock or buttpad extension may rest on the ground” With my previous setup i had to position the butt assembly a little lower than ideal to get the bottom paddle below the bottom of the stock to achieve this, Brians is taller and achieves this with it positioned in my ideal position, that it a big plus for me!

Being close to the upper size allowed under UKAHFT rules it also locates in the shoulder far better than any other adjustable HFT butt I have tried, shouldering it feels very secure.

I will shoot it this weekend and see how I fares on a course.

If I could change anything at this time? Maybe the clearance on the slide could be closed up a little to reduce the amount the plastic has to flex to clamp up, but then I know nothing about the printing process so only presume that could be done? and I would have had all the bolt heads on the other side, it may be petty but being right handed I always fit mounts and accessories etc with the screw heads on the right as the tools would be in my right hand.

I am very impressed with Brians efforts, too many products hit the shelves with little or no development, to see this product going through a proper development process is a breath of fresh air in this day and age! especially when it is done to make a good product available at a very reasonable price rather than for substantial financial gain! Just how it should be done!

I have been known to be a tad critical when stuff is crap but i have not glossed over anything here, it is really well thought out designed and executed! Well done Brian, i can see demand for these requiring a water cooled printer!!


32 reviews for BSB Pad

  1. Rob bates

    I’ve kept brian quite buisey making these. I was so impressed with them i have had 8 in total, ive had 5 and other club members have had the other 3. They are very well made and the turn around from ordering is very fast i don’t know how brian has time to sleep.

  2. Martin Owens

    £31.25, why are you even reading a review? Go buy one! Seriously, it’s a great piece of kit.

    I’m hyper crytical of 3D printed bits, sometimes the look a bit like, well like someones printed them in their shed. The design of the BSB overcomes this by being excellent, it looks really nicely printed too. When mine arrived, I thought it looked a bit slippy, and not grippy at all, this is meant to keep my rifle in the shoulder! But its all about the paddles and the shape, once adjusted for height and to your contours, your rifle doesn’t move.

    I tried it out in an American Sillhouette competition (20 shots standing, with really small targets from 20 to 45 yards). I didn’t miss, at all, a perfect 20. I’ve only ever done that once before, with a Walther Dominator and a full butt hook! This time it was with an CZ200 (like an S200) and a bit of plastic on the end. The crosshairs were rock solid, I was tempted to headshot a couple of the turkey targets until i realised I could clear them in competition.

    One thing to be aware of, set the height for the position you will shoot the most from, or the position you struggle the most from if you can cope with it being in a less optimal place for the rest of your shots. You can mitigate this by opening out the paddles slightly and having the BSB less contour fitting.

    Brill bit of kit, there’s no competition at this price.

  3. Tilly’s gun stocks

    These butt hooks/plates are simply fantastic.
    Initially like most ,I had reservations as to the strength and durability of these being as they are 3d printed.
    I needn’t have worried, they are surprisingly robust.
    The adjusters lock up incredibly securely.

    Overall I really am happy with the hook.
    I will, once Brian gets the workload down a bit be stocking them myself to fit , to a number of my custom hft stocks.

    I should point out, the reduction in weight , they are about half the weight of a bisley adjustable butt plate,
    With some wood removed from inside the Forend of your stock you can bring the balance point back .
    And you can end up with over 200 grams less weight in your gun. So worth considering for those seeking to build the lightest gun they can.

  4. Alex Lindsay

    Just fitted my bsb onto my tx 200 mk3 .crackin piece of kit sits rock solid on the shoulder and super comfy .these butt hooks are fantastic value for money and would recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their stock pads brill job thanks brian

  5. Ken Swift

    These butt pads are very good indeed, Brian as made them all most perfect & in a few nice colours I might add. I fitted the one I got early last week on my hw100 see the above photos. The butt pad feels very great & very comfortable to use, plus I like the way you can adj the arm paddles to make it spot on for your body frame.

    The only thing I need to redo asap is to refit the standard hw white spacer somewhat better what was fully my fault. Because I did not line the white spacer up to good when I put a new hole in it ready for the new butt pad off Brian, see the below photos of the gap my fault 100%. Hence I just need to realign the hw white spacer better asap.
    The black back plate is all most spot on too for the hw stock only a mm if that ! Now I just need to get some nice screws or bolts asap to fit install it. I used some gold colour wood screws from my house diy box.

    In addition the butt pad is installed the ‘Tench way’, the other way what it was designed for ! Due to it working somewhat better for me that way. I do HFT so it clamps down or stays on my shoulder great that way. I tightened the bolts up with a good nip up & they are holding up very well too.

    I will have to buy a few more of these very soon for my other rifles .

  6. Keith Daughtrey

    This but pad is one of the few I’ve ever received that is 100% what it is advertised as.
    It’s light, strong and totally functional
    The flexibility you are able to achieve makes it possible to fit any requirement ,and may I say strange shoulder shape ( they don’t come more stranger than my injured shoulder ) making it not only comfortable but also keeping you gun steady in any required stance/position.
    I can totally recommend this BSB pad to everyone who wants to improve their gun fit ( and also it’s looks).

  7. Geo. (verified owner)

    I have two very expensive butt plates on my rifles and neither of them is as well designed as Brian’s yet they cost at least 7 X the price of Brian’s design. Hence the swap on one my favourite pair of Air Arms ! *
    Go to the shop home page & see the full range of designs available or contact him there about a custom made piece for your favourite rifle. The best 30+ quid you could ever spend to improve your rifle of choice.

    * I will order another for the other rifle when I get less busy with seasonal stuff.

  8. Chris Blanchflower (verified owner)

    I was truly shocked today,I arrived home to find a marvellous thing. It was only Sunday evening when I decided to order one of Brian’s butt plates to see what they were like and here we are on Tuesday and it has arrived.I don’t know what shocks me more,the apparent speed of royal snail or the quality of this butt plate. For the price I find it staggering and can’t wait to fit it to one of my rifles,I suspect I will be ordering more,top marks

  9. Jake Miller (verified owner)

    Just bought one of these butt pads for my custom HFT stock. WOW value for money is simple outstanding. Looks fantastic and is ultra adjustable. I removed a bisley adjustable butt pad in order to fit this. I wish I did it along time ago. Lighter weight, more comfortable and seriously locks the rifle into your shoulder. Just spend the time getting comfortable with it and the rewards will come trust me. I can guarantee this will not be the last one I buy. I’ll be having more for sure !!!!!!!
    Thanks Brian.

  10. mike isaac

    Had previous ‘devices’ made by Brian,I’m suprised how good they are and how cheap;but particulary how good their function is(also if your into colour patterns the variation available).
    The range ring and turret for the Bushnell FT scope were spot on and Brians upside down Butt always draws admiring glances.

  11. Trevor Sorrell (verified owner)

    Just added one to my LGU springer, wow, makes repeatable hold so much easier, got 2 more coming as xmas pressies, will be needing 2 more early next year, very happy.

  12. Kenny (verified owner)

    Put another one on my steyr lg110 HFT.
    It fits great & does the job A1 cheers yet again Bri.
    All the best for now kenny

  13. eddie phillips (verified owner)

    I’ve just bought 3 of Brian’s butt hooks/plates they are a fantastic piece of kit

  14. Robert Hermens (verified owner)

    Having fitted two of them on my HFT rifles (S400F & TX200HC) i am very satisfied with the butt pads. Perfect contact in the shoulder improves standers and kneelers very much. Well worth the price!!

  15. Rich Clark

    Brian sent me two. Took one to the club and passed it around. Rule number one from the good marketing handbook, let the customer handle the product! Came back with an order for six; the last of those was delivered to the new owner today, and there will be more on order pretty soon.
    They work, they are a cinch to fit and adjust, what’s not to like?

  16. Bob Clay (verified owner)

    Have had three now, one each for the HW97’s & one for the AA S400f. Excellent fitment for the the rifles.

  17. Alexander Seigler

    Hi Brian,

    I want to thank you again for the red BSB buttplate I bought last year. As I understand, it is designed for the use in HFT but I can assure you, it is also suitable for FT, as shown in this years winning of the NEFTA Classic FT-trophy.


    Alex Wins 2017 NEFTA Classic FT 1st Place with BSB Pad

  18. Paul Morrison (verified owner)

    A perfect fit to my HW100 KT laminate model.

    Surprisingly strong and very adjustable. Butt hook received just 3 days after ordering, great service and ideal for my set up. If you are in two minds, don’t be, go and order one, you won’t regret it!

    • bsamson

      Thanks Paul, glad you like it mate.

  19. Ross Clezy (verified owner)

    Not much I can say that hasn’t been mentioned in the other reviews apart from when I overtightened a couple of the fixings and Brian sorted out spares for me very quickly. I have had one on my HFT500 for a while but now getting round to fitting them on my other rifles.
    Adjustability and durability at a great price , these suit me better than other butthooks that cost almost ten times as much.

  20. Mark Davis (verified owner)

    Great piece of kit. Brian very helpful about the right plate based on the rifle it will be used on. Has one for the Steyr LG110 Hunter and it’s a perfect fit. Used in practise first time today and it’s excellent in the shoulder. Super quick turn round from ordering. Many Thanks

  21. Dan S (verified owner)

    Brilliant item, fitted stock perfectly. Rifle now feels more “attached” to shoulder than it ever did. Great price and quick delivery.

  22. Tony W (verified owner)

    Just fitted one of these to my Ginb stock with help from Brian to reconfigure the screw hole location in the carrier plate it fits perfectly… Very pleased,
    Great product …with great service… what more could you ask.

  23. John C (verified owner)

    A perfect fit to my Air Arms S400F and to my shoulder. I am well pleased with this and it’s very good value for money too.

  24. Josef Puelacher

    big job, quick and very god production. many regards from Tirol

  25. Frederik Feitsma (verified owner)

    It took a little while, probably the corona hoax.
    Brain replies mail very quick, thanks man.
    Very happy with the product!!
    Greetings From Holland Frederik

  26. Kev Earp

    I got my butthook a couple of weeks ago, the way the system grips the shoulder is brilliant. Replacing the original smooth metal items that come with the stock has made a vast improvement. I have it on an AA HFT500 in an Aeron FT chassis, and the adapter proved to be a bit of a pig to create. Brian used my gun as Research and Development and in all honesty, I think it caused him a few headaches that he really didn’t need, but much respect to him for persevering and adapting almost on the fly. I think there may be a way to overcome a minor flaw that is in no way attributed to Brian, and if I can mackle together a basic mock up I will see what he thinks…..knowing Brian he is already two steps ahead of me. The Aeron stock is not a common sight at Doncaster range but if anyone out there is looking for a very reasonably priced alternative to the oem part for this chassis, then this is the one you need to consider.

  27. mark burton (verified owner)

    Just fitted to my air arms tx200 HC very comfortable well made worth every penny

  28. Mal Jones (verified owner)

    Fitted the generic option to my FX terminator no modifications needed. what game changer! it looks and feels when adjusted as if should have been on there as standard. I have FAR more expensive ones fitted to a couple of my target rifles, and I won’t be spending that much ever again after using this! Excellent.

  29. Heiko Lübkemann (verified owner)

    Hallo Brian,
    ich habe die Schaftkappe jetzt seit einem Jahr im gebrauch für meine Weihrauch HW 30 S, mit der ich HFT Wettkämpfe schieße. Bis jetzt bin ich immer noch sehr zufrieden.
    Ich kann die Schaftkappe empfehlen. Gut und günstig,
    Mit besten Grüßen
    Heiko Lübkemann
    (Ferrobell- Tuning)

    • bsamson

      Translation :

      Hello Brian,
      I have been using the butt plate for a year now for my Weihrauch HW 30 S, with which I shoot HFT competitions. So far I am still very satisfied.
      I can recommend the butt plate. Good and cheap,
      Best Regards
      Heiko Lübkemann

  30. Keith Walker (verified owner)

    Excellent service, great turn around and a fantastic bit of kit for the price. Highly recommend Brian.

  31. Pete Gasson (verified owner)

    Great Service .Received my BSB pad for my HW99 3 days after placing the order.
    Very pleased with the unit it fits the stock nicely without any need to drill any extra holes .I am still playing around with the final positioning but initially have noticed a great improvement in comfort and a much nicer cheek weld position.
    Great product Brian. Many Thanks

  32. David Cook (verified owner)

    Got mine to fit on my HFT 500. Service rapid so thanks for that. A great quality product. It feels so comfortable when the gun is shouldered.
    The only issue I had ,and it’s nothing to do with the product, was when fixing the back plate which is also a perfect shape for the HFT 500, the bolts that hold the original rubber butt pad are ‘screwed into barrels. To get these aligned again to take the new back plate is a real bugger and needs patience.

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